All CDs $30 (including tax) plus post and packaging ($3 per disk in New Zealand). Please make all cheques payable to John Wells.

All discs may be obtained only by cheque from
John Wells, 20 Alexis Avenue,
Auckland 1025,
New Zealand

Albums Available

Title Sample tracks (MP3 download)
Wells Plays Wells

RCD 1009

1: Allegro from Organ concerto

6: From First Suite, recitativo

11: From Third Suite Allegro

The Well-Tempered Organ 2

RCD 1007

25: Prelude no.4 in D major BWV 873

5: Fugue no.19 in A major, BWV 864

15: Prelude no.24 in b minor BWV 869

The Well-Tempered Organ 1

RCD 1006

1: Prelude in C major, BWV 846

20: Fugue in e minor,BWV 855

31: Prelude in G minor BWV 861

From the Land of the Long White Cloud


10: Naiades, Op.55 No.4 – Louis Vierne

9: Waikato March – T.S.Webster arr. Wells

8: Gigue de Pan – Douglas Mews

This is Alkan

RCD 1001

1: From Onze Grands Preludes Op,66, no.1 in F major

11: From Trieze Prieres Op.64, no.11 in E major

13: From Trieze Prieres Op.64, no.13 in G major

The Well-Tempered Organ Vol 3



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